Midland Soccer Club

Registering for Recreation Soccer


Registration for Spring 2024 OPEN!!

Registration Deadline: March 23rd
Waitlist Registration: March 23rd-start of games ($25 late fee)  

Schedule- April 20th- June 8th

Games are held on Saturday's.  There are some seasons where a weekday game may be played or a double header may be played on a Saturday or you may have a weekday game.

How to Register

To register a player for our Recreation Programs, you only need to complete these two steps:

  1. Register & Pay Online Here (If this is your first time, you will need to set up an account in our system.  See tips below for troubleshooting if you are having any issues logging in.)
  2. Complete the Concussion Awareness Form and submit it to your team's coach (download)

Please refer to the additional Tips & Information below, which should answer any questions you have about registering to play.  Additional questions may be directed to the MSC office.  Thank you!

Age Groups & Fees

Refund policy**  You will receive a 50% refund from the time registration closes until the start of the season upon a written request.  Once the season starts refunds will no longer be given except for injury (with doctors note), family relocation outside of Midland County.

Your child will be placed on a team in the group based on their birthday year, unless they select to be placed up an "age” group. For players wishing to be placed by grade or grade up, please note that as a Special Request as well.  Special requests are NOT guaranteed.

Players are not permitted to play in a younger age group.



Birthyear of Player

Typical Grade


U4 Coed

Born in 2020



U5 Coed

Born in 2019



U6 Boys/Girls

Born in 2018



U7 Boys/Girls

Born in 2017



U8 Boys/Girls

Born in 2016



U10 Boys/Girls

Born in 2015 and 2014



U12 Boys/Girls

Born in 2013 and 2012



U15 Coed

Born in 2011-2009



U19 Coed

Born in years 2008-2005




School Area

We try to organize teams around neighborhood schools whenever possible.  You may select your own school area or a different one.  [please ignore any schools listed in our system that have been closed]

If we do not have coaches volunteer from a certain school area, we will not be able to put a team together for this school neighborhood. The best way to be certain that your child will play on a team with other kids in his/her neighborhood is to volunteer to be the coach, co-coach, assistant coach, etc.   Learn more about volunteering as a Recreation Program Coach here.

Special Requests

We do try to honor requests, but we can not guarantee that your request will be met. Please use the “Special Request” area when you:

  • Want a particular school area to be the priority
  • Want your child to play in an age group other than their birth year – please specify which age group
  • Want to request a particular coach
  • Want to request another player to be on the same team as your child – please make sure the request is also made by the friend

We do not keep teams together season after season. Every season starts fresh because many coaches do not return season after season, and many players don’t play soccer both Fall and Spring seasons.

The most common reasons that we can’t meet a request are:

  • There weren’t enough coach volunteers from a certain area, so the players had to be distributed to other teams
  • Player wasn’t placed with a particular coach because there were too many requests for that coach, or that coach didn’t volunteer to coach the next season
  • The player wasn’t placed with a friend because the request wasn’t reciprocated or the friend didn’t register to play soccer the next season.
  • The player registered late, and there were no openings available to meet the particular request.

Wait List & Late Registration

All recreational players who register during late registration will be placed on a waitlist.  Players will be placed on a team if space is available.  If your player is not placed on a team, you will receive a full refund.  

There is a $25.00 late fee that automatically gets charged to all players who register after the registration deadline. There are no exceptions, including computer or log-in problems, so register as early as possible.

Registration System Problems 

You must log into your account to register your child. If you don’t know your password (it is a random, six-digit number that can’t be changed), then you can click on the link to have it sent to you.

You must use the e-mail address which was used to set up your registration information originally. Otherwise, you can log in using other personal information. The most common reason for not being able to log-in, is because you are using a different e-mail, phone number, etc. than was previously used.

Please call the MSC office if you have problems and we can help. Do not wait until the last minute when our office is closed if you want to avoid late fees.