Parents Responsibilities and Procedures

Parents Responsibilities and Procedures

Parent Responsibilities

and Procedures

Before going to your first practice

  • Print and sign the covid waiver- HERE  This is also on the home page of our website.  YOUR CHILD CANNOT PLAY WITHOUT THE WAIVER.  The coaches will collect these and hand them into the office.  Please put you team # on your waiver.

  • Review the procedures below.

Practices and games-

  • Before taking your child to a practice or game

    • Take his/her temperature- If the temperture reading is 100.4 or higher keep your child home and notify your coach that your child is absent because they are sick.
    • If your child has a headache, stomachache, sore throat feve, etc.. keep your child home and notify your coach that your child is missing because they are sick.
  • Make sure to bring to practice-

    • A MASK- No player will be allowed to play without wearing a mask.  There is no provision in the executive order to opt-out.
    • A Ball- We have balls available for sale ($5-10) at the store or you may bring your own.
    • Your own water bottle, shin gaurds, extra mask(s) are recommended.
  • Game Day Procedures

    • Per the executive order, each participant is allowed 2 spectors.  Please plan accorindingly.
    • If you choose to come watch the game, you must stay in the marked spectator area AND wear a mask per the executive order.
    • Benches are not provided to the teams so a blanket or chair for your child to sit on/in while they are not in the game is recommended.

We all have our opinions about the executive order the Governor has set forth which allows us to play.  The bottom line is that Michigan State Youth Soccer is bound by the rules in the order and twe are bound by the executive order and the guidelines set forth in return to play documents issued by MSYSA 

The links below give you information directly from Michigan State Youth Soccer and serve as a resource for you to better understand and follow those rules so that we may play soccer this Fall.  As always, if you have any questions, contact George Hageage Technical Director.

Please help us have a fun and safe soccer season!!

MSYSA Return to play- guidelines


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