Midland Soccer Club

MSC Recreation Developmental Curriculum

As a club focused on player development, we have introduced a competency based model of teaching the game to allow for a set of benchmarks coaches at MSC should strive to reach at all age levels from age 3 to age 19. The foundation of this education model is rooted in the idea that performance improves through the acquisition of skills or knowledge in a progressive way from simple to complex. To put it another way, basic skills or knowledge must be achieved before progressing to more complex skills or knowledge.

Midland Soccer Club has adopted age appropriate developmental goals and competencies based on the latest information found in the soccer world using resources from US Soccer, the NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) and UEFA along with the research carried out by those in child education. What is listed below, with each age, is a set of skills in various areas which should be introduced to the players at this age. There is also a list of skills which players should now be competent in demonstrating.

**Remember, as with all things in life, every child is different. Some may pick up certain skills faster than listed in the matrix while some may be slower. Success or failure to achieve the listed competency in a given time frame IS NOT the measure of the player and should not be used to determine which players are “good” and which are “bad”. According to research and the NSCAA, this model correlates to +/- 2 years. At the conclusion of each block, a chart summarizing the developmental and competency goals will be placed.