Midland Soccer Club

Why MSC?

Mission & Vision

Mission:  The mission of the MSC is to provide all soccer players with an opportunity to learn, develop, and compete at the highest level of desired play, in a fun and positive environment.

Vision:  The vision of the MSC is to be the leading soccer program in the state, recognized for excellence in player and coach development, facilities, sportsmanship and competition, for players of all abilities and ages.

Player Development Philosophy

Midland Soccer Club is uniquely positioned to achieve its mission and vision because of our emphasis on four factors:


MSC emphasizes player development with a curriculum which extends from our players at age 3 to age 18.  We seek a high standard of play that is only possible with:

  • A consistent, age appropriate curriculum focused on training blocks which create an environment that addresses not only technical and tactical components, but just as importantly the physical, social and problem solving skills which are needed for a player to progress.

  • A club staff that understands that their role is to strive for the completion of our mission and try to develop all players to reach the best of their ability.  This, along with coaching education, allows for better coaches and then better players making better teams.


When WE have the ball, we work to keep it as long as possible to increase our odds of scoring goals: a possession-based game.  We CONTROL the ball in a variety of ways; keeping possession WITH our teammates and exploding forward when space is available.  When we lose the ball, we quickly organize to GET THE BALL BACK and then HOLD THE BALL AGAIN.

Possession = Development = Better Players = Better Teams

Possession-based soccer takes time and patience to teach.  As you watch our teams play you should see:

  • Restarts that become possession-based on most occasions as opposed to lumping the ball forward.

  • Goal kicks and corner kicks that keep possession.

  • Team formations that open up and attack space to influence defenders and open up space to pass to teammates.

  • Teams that play as teams, and that DO NOT rely on just one or two players to dominate a game.

  • Goalkeepers who are actually soccer players, not just a shot stoppers.


To develop as a player, competition should be stressed.  At the younger ages, we want to place more of an emphasis on competition within and against oneself.  Can I beat my high score in juggling or can I get more touches in this activity than I did last practice?  As players get older, competition is now focused on practice results against self and teammates as the culture shifts to not only making yourself better, but pushing your teammate to do the same.  From age 14 on, results become important as players now have the ability to attack and/or manage games to compete and win against other clubs.


We are Midland Soccer Club.  We are the only club in the Tri-City area that can offer a program for every player in Midland and the surrounding community.  We are home grown and have pride in OUR city!  We are dedicated to serving our community in a variety of ways as our players learn to become good stewards of Midland!

Why do we believe in this approach?

We believe in creating soccer players in an environment that is developmentally-focused, NOT results-driven in our youngest age groups!  In possession-based soccer, ALL players receive more time with the ball during practices in order to hone their skill and try to adapt this skill to a game, instead of one or two physically dominant players getting most of the time with the ball. ALL players get better together, and increased development for the WHOLE team brings more enjoyment for each player and eventually, results. 

As players develop more skill to maneuver and keep possession of the ball the team develops a pace and rythm that truly makes soccer worthy of its title as "the beautiful game".  Learning how to possess the ball, receive the ball, pass the ball, move off the ball, is our way to develop players who have a passion to play for their whole life and are able to reach their highest level.

Possession-based play improves the level and quality of soccer in our community.  We offer academy sessions to help teach every player that joins our club how to be more comfortable with the ball at their feet.  Our Coaches will continue to learn ways to better implement our style and create an environment that is both a positive and demanding one.

We don't need great players.  We need players willing to work hard, listen and put the effort into learning how to become better than they currently are as players, teammates and members of our community.