Registering for Fusion Soccer

Registering for Fusion Soccer

Welcome to the Midland Soccer Club Fusion Family!

Here you will find all the information necessary to register your son or daughter with Midland Fusion.

Please note:  To play Fusion, you must participate in Fusion tryouts and be placed on a team.  Tryouts are held annually in June for the next Fall - Spring season.  Learn More About Tryouts. 


Registration Checklist

If your player makes a team. registering your player for Fusion requires both online registration with MSC and completion of required forms, which vary by league.  Each league your team plays in has a unique Registration Packet.

  1. Accept a position on the team over the tryout period or by e-mail within the specified time.
  2. If you have made a team playing in the MSPSP (Premier League), fill out the MSPSP player contract ASAP and return to the club or coach.
  3. All others, fill out the corresponding league registration packet and hand it in at the first parent meeting in June. For those in Premier, the rest of the paperwork in the MSPSP registration packet is due at the first parent meeting June.
  4. Register with MSC and pay your fees online here.  (if you have not played with MSC in the past, you will have to set up a new account).


Teams & Fees

Fees for Fusion vary by team and age.  Please reference the chart below.

The cost of the Fusion program is for the full year, unless otherwise specified for a single season.   The fee includes:

  • Midland Invitational Tournament (MIT)
  • Fusion Invitational Tournament (FIT)
  • Two additional tournaments
  • Winter training
  • Referee fees
  • League registration fees
  • State registration fees
  • Coaching fees
  • MSC administration and field maintenance costs
  • Coaches education and other MSC programs designed to promote player and club development.
  • College advising (as applicable)

Please review the player/parent handbook to identify you Fusion teams cost.

Players will be registered at their age.  DO NOT register for an incorrect team, as your name will show up on a different team’s roster.  

Players not registered will be ineligible to play.