Midland Soccer Club

MSC Player Injury Form

 In accordance with Michigan State Youth Soccer Association protocol, MSC is working to streamline and accurately document all player injuires that occur at the Midland Soccer Complex. Whether an injury happens during youth or adult leagues, game or a scrimmage; it's important that MSC gets this information as quickly and accurately. 

During weekend play the Board Member on Duty (BMOD) should have a form readily available in the event of an injury. If a BMOD is not available, please use the form provided here on the club website. Completed forms should be emailed or delievered to Drew Emrich (drewemrich@midlandsoccerclub.org) within 7 days of the injury. 

For further questions, please contact Drew 989-832-0895 or drewemrich@midlandsoccerclub.org.