Hofius selected for Regional Team, Schalk selected for State Pool

Andrey Hofius was selected to represent US Youth Soccer Region II as part of it's '00 regional team.  He will take part in a Interregional event held in Florida in December where players will be selected to the National Pool.  Andrey is the first MSC player to make the Regional team in a 10 years.  Congratulations Andrey!

Alania Schalk '05 is just begining her journey through the Olympic Development program and has been selected to the 2005 Girls State Training Pool!

Alania had this to say about her eperience- "I was nervous and overwhelmed when the tryouts first started because of how many players were there trying out and how good they all were. As soon as I stopped worrying about the other players and started playing, I felt a lot better. Overall the experience was really fun and I would definitely do it again."

Congratulations Alaina!!

ODP players since 2015-

  • Andrey Hofius '00 (2016,17 State Pool, 2016,17 State Team, 2017 Regional Pool, 2017 Regional Team),
  • Jacob Johnson '00 (2016 State Pool, 2016 State Team),
  • Luke Johnson '04 (2016 State Pool, 2016 State Team),
  • Ella McGahey '03 (2015 State Pool),
  • Alaina Schalk '05 (2017 State Pool).