Midland Soccer Club


  1. Can I get a test outside of the testing time assigned by the company and club?  Yes, you can got to Saginaw and get a test
    1. Michigan Health Clinics- 4707 McCleod Drive, Saginaw
    2. You can go to another clinic but understand that your insurance does not need to pay for the test is not ordered by a Doctor.  If you choose this method, you must have documentation from the clinic/Doctor and proof of the negative test.
  2. If I test at school while participating in another sport, do I need to test with MSC?  No.  You need to show documentation that you received the test and tested negative at school.
  3. Can my team play/practice after the test?  Your team may only practice when players receive a negative test for that week.  Our testing service has a 24 hr turnaround time so testing on Monday means your first practice is probably on Wednesday.